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Bio: Lisa and I have been OTR Truckers for twelve years. It is a good life, it is a hard life. Due to the demands of the job, health reasons and personal reasons we are looking for a way to get off the road and live the life of our dreams. We are working a MLM Home Based Business through Social Networking and shear determination to accomplish our “why” our purpose in life. Lisa and I took a break from the road a few years ago to become foster parents. During our time away from the road we were blessed to have nine children come through our home. Each one we were told that we “might” be able to adopt, as Lisa and I are not able to have kids of our own. After nine heart breaks and all hope lost of adopting we went back out on the road driving a truck with finances getting tight and our hearts in shambles. We endeavored to work a Home Based Business on the road and learned many hard lessons with no success. Time passes on and the miles go by. “When will it end?” we ask ourselves. Recently we have been re-invigorated to accomplish our goal of getting off the road, becoming parents, and being free financially. We have found our WHY. It has always been within us, but has become so real in our hearts that we can see it happening through Multilevel Marketing. MLM Trucker will hopefully inspire others to find their “why” and help them accomplish their goal. We have learned many hard knocks and feel we have much to share with anyone interested. Maybe teach people how to work a MLM business while working a full time job. What ever profession you do, you can do this too! Learning what to do and what not to do is valuable information to anyone looking for a real change, a meaningful change. Come along for the ride as the MLM Trucker realizes their dreams and finds the end of the road and the beginning of a new one. Keep the Shiny Side Up and the Dirty Side Down! MLM-Truckers / Scott and Lisa

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