Week 1 – Beyond the mind’s Eye

Week 1 – Beyond the mind’s Eye

Back in 1992 there was a digital movie that came out called, “Beyond the Mind’s Eye.” It featured the latest technologies in computer animation. I loved it and my son loved it. It was new, fresh, different, and totally amazing to see all the neat pictures and hear the great music. It made my mind wonder of the infinite possibilities that we have as humans to create and explore new worlds. I envision what it was like to live in that world and being a part of this new exciting universe.

I recently was accepted into the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) training course. A Pay It Forward program leaded my Mark J (a.k.a. The Worlds Laziest Networker). Again I am entering into a new world of limitless possibilities, excitement and wonder. Truly is amazing to me how stuck I have been in so many areas in my life.

It only has been a few days of, “Doing the Work” and I am starting to see subtle changes.

My outlook on life. The hope for the future. The incredible opportunities that I already have lying at my feet, too ignorant or blinded by old thinking (ie.. “my old blueprint”) to acknowledge or even see as opportunities.

This is the first time in my life that I have really started to journey inside. How do I really tick? Why do I continue in old bad habits? Where did that thought come from? Why did I do that stupid thing, AGAIN?!?

I am doing something or me.

Reflection of the inner most parts looking into a glass darkly. Like a mirror being cleaned from years of dust and neglect. Seeing me for who and what I truly am. Wonder, beauty, power, strength, faithfulness, courageous, fearless, generous, loving, peace maker, warrior, to many attributes that I right now possess! I really cannot define what I am seeing as I am just starting on this journey. I am sure that more and more as the mirror is washed and the illumination of right thinking will transform my world and will transform the lives of thousands!
What I can say, I am surprised at what I do see! I am willing to continue with the training and focus the simple tasks at hand. Deeper and deeper the light shines into the darkness. The discovery of a life time.
Who I am….

Beyond My Mind’s Eye!

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