Week 4 – Out with the Old!

Week 4 – Out with the Old!

Nothing takes the past away from the futureHere we go another week of MKMMA. Are there any words to describe the changes within? No!
It’s the little things that I am noticing, but this week has been a challenge.

We are required to do certain things every day to keep up with the “honor requirements.” Things like reading Og Mandino, the Blue Print Builder, my DMP, Service cards, and a new one the giving card. It only takes about 20 mins 3 times a day to do the work. It’s not much to invest in myself but the opposition in my sub-conscience is based on my old habits.

Something will always get in the way of me doing the work, but then I remember the words of Og Mandino:

As a child I was slave to my impulses; now I am slave to my habits, as are all grown

men. I have surrendered my free will to the years of accumulated habits and the past

deeds of my life have already marked out a path, which threatens to imprison my


I realize that my old blue print is fighting the change which is resisting the new path as I am reprogramming my mind to think in a different and certain way.

Every time I read this, “years of accumulated habits and the past deeds of my life have already marked out a path, which threatens to imprison my Future.”


A very loud voice resounds in my mind and soul. I realize that I have been a slave to bad habits. I have in a sense imprisoned myself with the deeds of the past and I know that if I do not change what I am doing I will be a prisoner in a cell of my own making for the rest of my life! (AAAAAGH!) There is a sense of fear and despair when I read this as this is not what I want in life and not who I am destined to be.

The very urge to throw in the towel and quit this process is very real, however, I know that just from the progress I have made thus far I have no need to fear. The key I am finding in my life that makes me want to fight through the struggle is the promises that I am making to myself.

I promise to / I always keep my promises, is a mantra we read and recite out loud approximately 30 times a day. I always keep my promises to myself and to other sis the driving force that keeps me doing, keep me pushing, makes me experience the very change that I am seeing manifest in my heart mind and soul.

Integrity, honesty, value, truth, love, patience, service to others is growing in ways that I have never thought existed with in me. I appreciate the little things now. Things like nature, kindness, and people in conversation, my silly little Yorkie dogs, my wife and her sweet heart towards me and other people. What a blessing it is to be alive! I have unlimited potential in anything I set my mind on doing.

I promise to keep my promise to myself and others. There is strength and accountability in keeping promises.

Thank You MKMMA, Mark J and all the staff for making a real difference in my life.

Thank you for helping me to be accountable to myself and others.


Week 3 – Process of Elimination

Process of Elimination

The third week of MKMMA. Master Key Master Mind Alliance and I feel like I am just getting started. I read, I meditate, I sit still, I discover!Yellow face ?

With the passing of my Mom last week there are lots of things that need to be completed before Lisa and I move back to Washington State. As you can imagine selling off mom’s things, keeping the sentimental things has been real hard to do at times. Pictures upon pictures, memories of a time that is past. Thoughts of fun, games, fishing, events, bike races, and old pets race through my mind like a flood. Through the good times and the bad Mom and Dad were always there for me.

As I continue with my course of study, the subject ME. I realize more and more the effect my parents had on my life and the choices that I have made. In MKMMA the goal is to change the blueprint from an old way of thinking into a new blueprint. A blueprint of my creation not the one I have now, the one I never knew existed until the Master Keys opened my eyes to old bad habits.

I do see old habits more clearly now. Not just the obvious. Rather. Old ways of thinking. Watching my thoughts, and reacting or not reacting on impulse. Being more aware of the way my mind works and how I tick has truly been an amazing experience.

The process of elimination begins. My Definite Major Purpose (DMP) and keeping my promises to myself and others has begun to build the foundation to all the change that I am experiencing. Its keeps me true myself and to others. Makes me respect the process of MKMMA even more and want to honor it! Profound and deep truths are seeping into my other mind, the one that never sleeps the mysterious force that guides all mankind behind the scenes. A great elimination process is happening on a conscience level but even greater on a sub-conscience level.

Thoughts and fears that used to plague me, I notice are disappearing. Hope and expectation are alive. Words cannot say how I feel inside. Positive changes are here! More is to come. As my subby rearranges my thoughts actions and patterns more towards one of proper thinking transformation come into the DMP I design.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step!

Week 2 – New Life Will Sprout

Week 2 – New Life Will Sprout

I have begun the second week of the “Master Key Master Mind Alliance” (MKMMA) course and am really starting to see some unexpected changes. Many changes on a very personal level, but I wanted to take the time to share with you an experience I had while progressing through my life change.

A wonderful revelation has opened a door to infinite possibility, and massive hope on a subconscious level.

We are tasked in MKMMA to read three times a day a Scroll from Og Mandino’s book “THE GREATEST SALESMAN IN THE WORLD.”

The very first few sentences in scroll number 1 read like this;

The Scroll Marked I –

Today I begin a new life. Today I shed my old skin, which hath, too long, suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocrity. Today I am born anew and my birthplace is a vineyard where there is fruit for all.

 Today I will pluck grapes of wisdom from the tallest and fullest vines in the vineyard, for these were planted by the wisest of my profession who have come before me, generation upon generation.

 Today I will savor the taste of grapes from these vines and verily I will swallow the seed of success buried in each and new life will sprout within me.

.Just words on a page?

Let me share with you how these verses impacted me in a very profound and spiritual way.

Lisa and I were cleaning out our refrigerator and she pulled out some grapes that had been there for a few days. They were a mixture of green and red grapes. Well, the green grapes were starting to go bad, but the red grapes were still looking good and real ripe. So I grabbed a bunch and started tossing them in my mouth as I walked into the living room.

I remember thinking, “these grapes are REALLY good!” So I tossed two and three more in my mouth. Bursting with juice and flavor, I savored the wonderful fruit of the vine. So I swallowed that bunch all at once. At that moment in an instant of time, something truly amazing happened in the spiritual realm.

(Now, I was not even thinking about what I have been reading everyday three times a day. These words of Og Mandino stated above. I was just chowing down on some good grapes! Lol)

I reached into the bag and grabbed just one grape. Before I put it into my mouth I looked at it. (You may think what I am about to tell you is crazy, but it really happened!)

I was taken instantly where there was no time. I saw the sun shining in its wonderful glory. While looking up directly into the sun my eyes did not strain. I felt a slight breeze. I lowered my head and found myself standing in a vineyard. The place where this grape was created? I have seen vineyards before but this was a place very different.

Words cannot describe the colors, the clarity, the beauty, and the serenity. As I lowered my head I was standing in the center of this vineyard next to a tall grape vine. Its leaves were green, lush, vibrant, and alive! The grapes on those vines were huge and ready for the picking. Rows and rows of perfect grape vines full of fruit was before me. The way the sun shined on them was magical, almost surreal.

At this moment, I visually saw the sun rays caressing the leaves of the vine washing it with love. (do not know how else to describe it) I witnessed those rays enter the leaves and witnessed those leaves create nutrients that traveled through the vine to the roots. A sort of communication was happening watching those signals flow through the vine to the earth.

At once, water from the ground was flowing to the roots carrying nutrients from the earth, back to the roots; I saw life enter those roots in a symphony of joy! There was signing! As a river of life flowing into the grapes!

I was moved in awe!

There I am standing in my living room holding this grape in my hand. It was as if that grape communicated its life story to me and told me that I am here for you. I was created for you to see and taste the wisdom of the Universe. It was as if the Universe was telling me that you now see and know what I am about to do with you as you continue on this path of knowing me.

Today I will pluck grapes of wisdom from the tallest and fullest vines in the vineyard, for these were planted by the wisest of my profession who have come before me, generation upon generation.

What I just witnessed was the conscience cooperation of the Universe with the Earth which gives life to all things. The sun, the plants, the roots, the water, and the nutrients, all in harmony and cooperation sharing an intimate dance with the spirit of life. The Universe sharing its bounty to all who will partake of its fruits and prosper in new life.

What I also witnessed was a confirmation of my life, a very profound one.

I am witnessing my rebirth. Born anew! Translated into a new way of thinking and a new life in which I create. How this process with Universal mind and my subconscious will grow as the grapes grow in the vineyards. Moving forward into Liberty and Helping Others is my chief aim. I will see my “definite major purpose” fulfilled.

Today I will savor the taste of grapes from these vines and verily I will swallow the seed of success buried in each and new life will sprout within me.

New life has sprouted within me!

Now when I read the words from the scrolls, I apply this vision to my life and to my journey of self-discovery. I am the sun, I am the leaf, I am the vine, I am the root, I am the water, I am the nutrients, I and the river of life, I am the fruit of the vine, I am the grape. I am the witness, I am the creation.

Sounds kind of weird on the outward however the inside is nothing but beauty.

Week 1 – Beyond the mind’s Eye

Week 1 – Beyond the mind’s Eye

Back in 1992 there was a digital movie that came out called, “Beyond the Mind’s Eye.” It featured the latest technologies in computer animation. I loved it and my son loved it. It was new, fresh, different, and totally amazing to see all the neat pictures and hear the great music. It made my mind wonder of the infinite possibilities that we have as humans to create and explore new worlds. I envision what it was like to live in that world and being a part of this new exciting universe.

I recently was accepted into the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) training course. A Pay It Forward program leaded my Mark J (a.k.a. The Worlds Laziest Networker). Again I am entering into a new world of limitless possibilities, excitement and wonder. Truly is amazing to me how stuck I have been in so many areas in my life.

It only has been a few days of, “Doing the Work” and I am starting to see subtle changes.

My outlook on life. The hope for the future. The incredible opportunities that I already have lying at my feet, too ignorant or blinded by old thinking (ie.. “my old blueprint”) to acknowledge or even see as opportunities.

This is the first time in my life that I have really started to journey inside. How do I really tick? Why do I continue in old bad habits? Where did that thought come from? Why did I do that stupid thing, AGAIN?!?

I am doing something or me.

Reflection of the inner most parts looking into a glass darkly. Like a mirror being cleaned from years of dust and neglect. Seeing me for who and what I truly am. Wonder, beauty, power, strength, faithfulness, courageous, fearless, generous, loving, peace maker, warrior, to many attributes that I right now possess! I really cannot define what I am seeing as I am just starting on this journey. I am sure that more and more as the mirror is washed and the illumination of right thinking will transform my world and will transform the lives of thousands!
What I can say, I am surprised at what I do see! I am willing to continue with the training and focus the simple tasks at hand. Deeper and deeper the light shines into the darkness. The discovery of a life time.
Who I am….

Beyond My Mind’s Eye!